A Mother’s experience in teaching her child to read with Minecraft

I have known about the power of Minecraft for a while. It has opened up a whole new world for my son, and has been a real boost to his ability to socialise as he has bonded with like minded people over the game. Here a mother shares her experience with teaching her son with Asperger’s to read and write using Minecraft:



Embrace your inner ADHD

What do you do when you have a challenging or boring task to do? Do you get distracted? Do you find other things to do? Do you sometimes find that when you are reconciling your finances, you suddenly get the urge to clean the house? When you should be tidying your house do you get distracted by checking your emails? When you have a challenging task to do at work do you find yourself chewing your pen or maybe getting up more often for a coffee, or find yourself sorting your desk? Continue reading


Tips for aiding attention in children with ADHD

In an earlier article I describe the difficulties that a child with ADHD may have with attention. Here I give some tips to aid the child in the classroom. These can easily be adapted for home too.

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