Smart But Scattered

Scientists who study child development have recently found that kids who are ‘smart but scattered’ lack or lag behind in crucial executive skills – the core, brain-based habits of mind required to ‘execute’ tasks like getting organized, staying focused, and controlling emotions. Drawing on this revolutionary discovery, school psychologist Peg Dawson and neuropsychologist Richard Guare have developed an innovative program that parents and teachers can use to strengthen kids’ abilities to plan ahead, be efficient, follow through, and get things done. “Smart but Scattered” provides ways to assess children’s strengths and weaknesses and offers guidance on day-to-day issues like following instructions in the classroom, doing homework, completing chores, reducing performance anxiety, and staying cool under pressure. Small steps add up to big improvements, enabling these kids to build the skills they need to live up to their full potential. More than 40 reproducibles are included.

via Smart But Scattered.


Working Memory

Susan Gathercole in her book ‘Working Memory and Learning: A Practical Guide for Teachers‘ defines working memory as “the ability we have to hold and manipulate information in the mind over short periods of time. It provides a mental workspace or jotting pad that is used to store important information in the course of our everyday lives”. Think of it as RAM inside a computer, compared to the hard disk drive of long term memory. Continue reading