Attention Strategies for Children with ADHD

In an earlier article I describe the difficulties that a child with ADHD may have with attention. Here I give some tips to aid the child in the classroom. These can easily be adapted for home too. Continue reading


What is Executive Function?

What is executive function? Think of it as the brain’s higher command centre. It is the area of the brain that filters incoming stimuli, assesses the situation at hand, coordinates and regulates the brain and body’s responses, and is involved in planning the appropriate course of action. Continue reading


How Does Your Engine Run?

My son’s occupational therapist recommended a program called ‘The Alert Program‘ based around the book ‘How Does Your Engine Run‘ by Williams and Shellenberger. This is an excellent program for teaching self awareness and emotional regulation. This is an area where many children struggle. If they are aware of their body states and emotions they are more able to do something about it. Continue reading