Welcome to EngageKids: a Learning and Wellbeing blog.

I have two children, both with Autism Spectrum Disorder, one of them also has ADHD. Daily I deal with their anxiety, sensory, emotional regulation and executive function issues. This blog started out after searching for information in an effort to help them. Since their diagnoses I have become a mine of information, strategies and techniques. In my work in a primary school I have discovered that these issues can be common to many young children as these skills and abilities develop throughout childhood, and that other parents and teachers may benefit from the information I have accumulated, so I have decided to share what I have learned.

I write on many subjects including executive function, attention, learning, working memory and emotional regulation, as well as subjects relating to ASD and ADHD, such as social, communication, sensory issues and alertness.

Thank you for visiting.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for visiting and following my blog and, by so doing, introducing me to yours, which is full of so much helpful information and encouragement. A most valuable site!

  2. I found ‘Sue Larkey’s 10 Tips for Children with ASD’ on your website. I am a primary teacher and found the article very interesting. I have implemented some of the strategies and they have been useful.

    I especially liked the suggestion of allowing the student with autism to move around the classroom or play with a fidget toy whilst learning. Usually walking around or fidgeting is seen as a negative and a distraction to learning. I can now see the benefit of allowing some students to do this whilst learning.

    Thanks for posting such a handy article.

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