Is ADHD really on the rise?

Interesting article asking an interesting question. As a parent of a 5 year old active child who can’t sit still with executive function issues, as well as a 7 year old child with ADHD, I can see the difference. My youngest’s behaviour could easily be mistaken for ADHD, although he has very few of the issues that my eldest has, and I know that in my youngest it is due to immaturity.


Most people imagine a child with ADHD as being extremely hyperactive and causing chaos wherever they go. However, a child can be diagnosed with ADHD for lack of concentration without hyperactivity, daydreaming and impulsive behaviour. Many children are being diagnosed before 7 years old when it might be considered normal to be hyperactive, impulsive or have difficulties paying attention. More boys are diagnosed with behavioural problems than girls but is this because boys are just naturally more active? It could be argued that as increasing numbers of younger and younger children are being diagnosed with ADHD, it is not a problem with the children but with society. Drugs such as Ritalin are given to children to deal with the symptoms of ADHD but it has been said that Ritalin just slows children down. This may have benefits for parents and teachers in coping with behaviour but some ADHD type behaviours…

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