Look on the bright side of ADHD

An advocate working with my son told me recently to look upon his distractibility and desire to move around and socialise rather than sit and do his schoolwork as a strength that could be used to engage him in the classroom, and this reminded me of something I read by Kerry Cooney in her excellent (and very practical) book, ‘Everyday with ADHD’, which I thought I would share here. She lists the commonly regarded ‘deficits’ of those with ADHD and turns them into a strength.

She calls this ‘ADHD Positively Rediscovered’

Unique, special, unequalled, unmatched. Not a bad beginning!

This is the ability to have endless energy. To be fit enough to play any sport or perform any physical task. To be tireless in pursuits and have the staying power necessary to see them to completion. This is a person who is hard-working dynamic and enterprising.

An independent free-spirited soul. One who has the ability to be totally self-reliant and self-sufficient. This person has strong opinions and will not waver on his standards.

A committed and loyal person. He is dependable, dedicated and really invests himself into whatever he commits to.

A sensitive person who is very knowing and aware. He is sharp witted and has the ability to see what others don’t.

A very assertive person who makes his opinion clear. He is forceful and insists on his rights and usually the rights of others.

A natural and unconstrained being. This person is unforced and instinctive. He loves activity and fun so is rarely boring.

This person is extremely observant. He is ever on alert, watchful and aware of what is happening around him. He has a great eye for detail- nothing at escapes his notice.

An imaginative individual who can form a mental picture of any idea. This person is a lateral thinker, the conceiver of concepts and an inventor.

A creative and original thinker. A person who is innovative, can see possibilities where others can’t -quite ingenious.

A global thinker with a very wide focus. He sees the big picture. He visualises well, pulls ideas together and makes things happen.

This person is flexible and adaptable. He can change direction if necessary and shows great resilience.

A determined and unwavering character that does not give up easily. If there is a way to be found he will find it. He is decisive, earnest and acts out of purpose.

A very clever problem solver, this person can see his way through any situation . Being a lateral thinker he can unravel and explain mysteries. He shows powerful initiative.

So now, how is your child with ADHD appearing?

A very strong and gifted individual

One who only needs to plane the sharp edges of some of his behaviours and attitudes – not lose them all.”

See Everyday with ADHD by Kerry Cooney

And check out her website


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