Professor Howard Gardner’s model of Multiple Intelligences

Academic performance is only one way to measure intelligence. Children can so often feel inadequate if they don’t ‘measure up’ at school. But as Professor Howard Gardner tells us, everyone has different intelligences and we can all be good at something.

Professor Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences are as follows:

      Linguistic Intelligence: good with words

Logical Mathematical Intelligence: good with numbers and reasoning

Spatial Intelligence: ‘picture smart’

Bodily Kinaesthetic Intelligence: ‘body smart’

Musical Intelligence: good at music

Interpersonal Intelligence: good at meeting and befriending people

Intrapersonal Intelligence: good at understanding oneself

Naturalistic Intelligence: ‘nature smart’

Dr John Irvine and John Stewart, in their book ‘Thriving at School’ also add ’emotional intelligence’ to this list, the ability to understand others and have greater self control.

Every child has strengths. We should embrace these and teach to the child’s natural abilities.

Thomas Freidman, in the book ‘The World is Flat‘, states that curiosity and passion, are far more important than intelligence for successful learning, and in my view far more likely to result in world-changing inventions and ground breaking discoveries.


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