When the eldest of my children was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD two years ago, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information and misinformation that was out there on the Internet. Sorting the wheat from the chaff was a mammoth task. I wanted the information quickly, with practical strategies that could help me now. Since then my youngest has also been diagnosed with ASD and in the last two years I have built up a wealth of information and tried and tested strategies. I have sifted through scientific studies, read many books, attended courses and seminars, and looked to my own coping mechanisms, as I feel I echo many of my children’s symptoms and have learned ways to manage them. As well as providing information on the various features of both ADHD and ASD, over time I will be building a strengths-based picture of the person, as I feel both ‘disorders’ have strengths that can build the person’s self esteem, lower their anxiety, help them learn and even develop into a career. This blog is a culmination of everything I have learned over the last two years. Please be patient while I type it all up into a readable form! Welcome to ‘Engage’

Disclaimer: I am not a medical or health professional, and this blog is no substitute for professional advice. Every child is different so not every strategy may work for everyone.


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